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Strategic Partnership

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The Problems

  • I am interested in crypto-currencies, but...
  • I don’t have any experience in blockchain technology
  • I don’t have time to day trade
  • I am unsure whether cryptocurrencies are secure and have heard many stories of people getting "hacked"

Don't worry
We are here to help you

How It Works

  • Explore

    Select one or several portfolios from our Chainfund platform

  • Deposit

    Deposit your money and receive your portfolio shares

  • Collect

    Collect your return by selling your shares back to us

Your Benefits

  • Low minimum investment

    Our funds start from $1000

  • Exit at any time

    You are in full control of your withdrawals

  • Latest Artificial Intelligence Risk Management

    AI algorithms help in the investment decision making process

  • Maximize returns

    Our team of professional and experienced fund managers are committed to deliver best performance. Meet them here

  • Wide range of portfolios

    Each portfolio has its own risk-return strategy. Chose one or more that fits your investment style or use our interactive tool to find the best for you

  • Transparency

    All transactions are processed through smart contracts and publicly available to the blockchain ledger

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